The look on my face calls my mouth a liar and I wish this life was fancy free, I wish there was a way to sail off at night into a flat endless sea. The look in my eyes tells me I’m a martyr or that’s what the mirror does scream so loud. I tried to pull a veil over all this, wrapped it inside a cloud. But the look on my faces calls my mouth a liar, and I wish this life was fancy free, I wish I didn’t have to be the boat that took the world safely across her sea.
Cordelia Elizabeth Ballou

They say that loving someone is recognizing the beauty of god in their soul… what exactly does it mean that I have never been loved… not once. I have had jests… nothing deep. I want things that seem impossible. I’m starting to think I’ll be in this life alone forever.


Parrish loves working with Sheriff Stilinski. He’s an amazing mentor, a great man, and Parrish trusts him with his life (and has tested that trust on more than one occasion). But there are still some things he knows he shouldn’t share.

Like the fact that the Sheriff’s teenage son is currently developing strong feelings for the brooding, “wanted for murder on multiple occasions” werewolf six years his senior. Like the fact that they’re going to get together officially within the next six months, are going to get married (“mated, Stiles”) four years after that, and have a son (biologically Stiles’) who will want nothing more than to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps in the police department.

…Like the fact that time travel is absolutely real, and Parrish Stilinski-Hale might have made use of it for the opportunity to learn from his grandfather in the days before the heart attack claimed him.

There are some things the Sheriff really doesn’t need to know.


AND IN OTHER NEWS I’M LOSING WEIGHT AGAIN AND I’M SIGNIFICANTLY SMALLER ACCORDING TO THOSE AT OUR ME BUT the mirror lies and says I’m bigger even though I can feel the difference and see it my mind still adds curves and lumps.

Well fuck yeeeew mind. I lived curves and lumps.

5630) I find it very difficult to be around children. Not because they annoy me or I dislike them… quite the opposite. I love them, and when I think about the fact that I’ll probably never have them, it makes me so sad. I realize adoption is a possibility, but I’d rather not adopt a child as a single parent, and I doubt anyone would want to be my partner and help me raise a child. I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that I’ll be childless forever. It’s a sad life.

This is painfully true


masturbation is just having sex with the person you love the most

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5617) I always worry I’ll end up alone because I’m trans.