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I’m Conflicted!!!! Because feels for writing and wanting to write. And look. Okay just look. Once upon a time I wrote a lot. Like a lot. And I have so many unfinished projects. But I don’t need the stress of a novel in my life. What I need is a stress reliever. And Writing Fanfiction is just that. A stress reliever. Especially TeenWolf fanfiction. And so I’m determined to write. Except one problem. No laptop. I have an itouch and I know it’ll be a pain In the ass to write on. And I know what you’re thinking. “Lavender, if you have Internet access you must have a computer.” And I do. I’m just lazy and I know I’ll be using it because duh. So really all that was just bitching. But!!!!! What I really need my wonderful followers of whom I love and if you do this for me I will
a) Promote your blog.
b) rate your blog (even though my opinion on anything is highly unimportant) and
c) put you in the fanfiction itself. Even though I don’t fricken know any of you so I’d probably just make you into a badass werewolf or something or maybe include your character in on one of the plot twists that I have up my sleeve cause I’m awesome.
So I read a fanfiction in which stiles was an Omega and chose Derek as he prebonded one and Lydia was Derek’s little sister and stuff and Derek worked on a farm and shizz and basically I loved the idea of the AU BUT I don’t know all the dynamics of it and y’all are like “google that shit” and I did and it got me no where. So. Here’s what I need. The first person who can explain to me about the Dynamics, rules, meanings, and extra crap about that AU from TeenWolf fanfic will get what I listed above. And not to sound pompous because I honestly and truly am not, but from the praise I got on past fanfiction it’d be worth your while (at least I hope… T~T) and I have almost 200 followers whom I love and they are awesome so they’d probably respond to the promo.
And Hell! Whoever gives me the answer can submit a request for a story about T.W and ill write it and make it all lengthy and junk so Please! Pretty please? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!?!?!?!?
I love you all, followers and nonfollowers.

Submit answer to ask.
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Posted on Wednesday, 26 December
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